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American Oceans Campaign
Aquatic Conservation Network
Caribbean Conservation Corporation
Cetacean Society International
Coral Forest
The Coral Reef Alliance
Coral Reef Protection Program
The Cousteau Society
Critical Ecoregions Program
Earthwatch International
EDF Environmental Scorecard
Environmental Pollution and Control
Florida Keys Reef Relief
Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority
International Coral Reef Initiative
International Marine Alliance
International Marine Mammal Association
International Marine Mammal Project
International Year of the Reef
Locate Your Watershed
Ocean Pulse
Ocean Voice International
Oil Spill Intelligence Report
Planetary Coral Reef Foundation
Reef Relief
Save Our Sea Life
Save our Seas
Save the Whales
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Sea Turtle Restoration Project
UNESCO Cousteau Ecotechnie Programme
Unofficial Cousteau Society Page

Water Online - Professional Water and
Wastewater Resources

What is Groundwater?
Yahoo! Environment and Nature:Online Resources